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Drug Collection/TPA in Sarasota

Did you know?

  • TPA is short for Third Party Administrator.
  • When it comes to an alcohol screen or drug test, the employer is the 1st party, and the TPA is the 3rd party.
  • The 2nd party in the relationship could refer to an employee, a laboratory, the collection site, a Medical Record Officer (MRO), or a Department of Transportation (DOT) Auditor.

What is the Role of ARCpoint Labs of Sarasota for Drug Test TPAs?

ARCpoint Labs of Sarasota nationwide can serve as drug test collection sites for TPAs.

ARCpoint Labs of Sarasota location is staffed by professional collectors who understand the need for confidential collection and accurate results as well as the importance of following strict DOT procedures. Our drug test collections technicians are fully trained in accordance with DOT standards. With our solid credentials, you can ensure your complete compliance with all federal requirements for DOT drug and alcohol testing.

Convenient Third Party Drug Test Collections for DOT Clients

ARCpoint Labs of Sarasota can manage all of your TPA drug collection needs. We have lab locations across the country, enabling us to quickly serve your clients. We offer both lab-based and mobile or on-site testing for your convenience. Our complete range of drug test collection services ensures that we provide the testing you need. This includes random DOT drug testing, pre-employment testing, reasonable suspicion testing, and more.

Learn More About Our Testing Services

For accurate, reliable and confidential TPA drug test collection, please contact ARCpoint Labs of Sarasota.

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